Friday, July 25, 2014

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Assistive Stair Climbing Aid for Pets  


Standard stairs can present a problem for smaller pets or pets with conditions that limit their agility such as arthritis.  It can be a struggle to navigate the high rise between the steps.  Ramps do not work on longer stairways as the pitch becomes too steep. The Leg Up offers a practical solution.     


The Leg Up is placed directly on each step next to the wall and fits snugly in place secured with adhesive strips that would adhere firmly to carpet, wood, etc. similar to the rug/floor gripping adhesive triangles sold in catalogs. The slightly curved design makes it easy for pets to climb from step to step and navigate their way up the stairway.  The layered/pressed corrugated cardboard material utilized would be lightweight, durable, could handle varying weights, and would be especially attractive to cats as this material is used for scratching boards, etc. They could be sold in lots of three or six to accommodate all stairway lengths.  The dimensions could be from 8" to 10" wide and 7-1/2" in height.

This is roughly the overall idea illustrating a gradual grade.  The material suggested would be layered corrugated cardboard cut to fit according to specified dimensions.  

This depicts the suggested layered corrugated cardboard as utilized in a cat scratching board.  


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